Training is, no doubt, the Club's biggest single activity. At its grounds the Club instructs numerous members in the art and techniques of dog training.
What You Will Learn
Intake Night
  • Sign On and Introduction to the club - without your dog
  • Fitting and use of the training aids
  • Ground Rules
  • Training Syllabus
  • Demonstration by Classes 4 & 5
Classes 1 and 2
  • Heal on Lead
  • Focus Exercise
  • Pack Structure
  • 90 and 180 degree turns and pivot turns
  • Start of Automatic sits
  • Weaving and socialisation
  • Sit, drop and stand
  • Sit, drop and stand stays
  • Introduction to recall
  • Introduction to finish exercise
Class 3
  • A lot of loose lead healing
  • Work on timing of voice and signals
  • Continue with stay's
  • Continue with turns left and right
  • More advanced stay exercises
  • Full finish exercise
  • Rally Obedience requirements (eg left and right finishes)
  • Working at different paces
  • Sit for examination
  • Longer recall exercise
  • Stand for examination

Class 4
  • Heeling slow and fast pace on lead with figure eight and correct footwork
  • Extension to time and distance for stays
  • Extension of distance for recall exercise
  • Stand for examination
  • All turns - 90, 180, 270 and 360 degree
  • Handler control - voice commands, hand signals, footwork, light leads
  • Stand from Sit
  • Call front
  • Introduce heel off lead
  • Various Rally Obedience exercises
Class 5
  • Working off lead
  • Sit stay (>1 minute), Down stay (> 3 minutes)
  • Recalls
  • Figure of eight
  • Hand signals and footwork
  • Stand for examination
  • Prepare for trials (ring craft)

Every effort is made to make your training sessions interesting and informative as well as instructive. Bear in mind that we welcome constructive criticism and suggestions.

Your OIC cannot take steps to remedy a problem or institute a change for the better if unaware that the problem or potential improvement exists.