Owners of all dogs can gain titles for their dogs at Trials in several categories.
  • Obedience - Standard exercises as taught in weekly classes
  • Rally Obedience - Following a set of signs and doing obstacles
  • Agility - Timed obstacle course
  • Tracking - Tracking a person over a previously laid track
Each category has graduated levels of achievement from basic to advanced. Titles are awarded by the CCC (Q) and you and your dog must have achieved qualifying scores at three Trials under at least two different Judges in that Class. The ultimate qualification is Australian Obedience Champion, which involves a combination of titles in the above categories.

The club can assist with training in all these areas.



  • To give acknowledgement to handlers and dogs who have achieved a level of proficiency in obedience.
  • To encourage members to remain involved with the Club and its activities.
  • To encourage dog owners to obtain a level of proficiency in dog obedience that will make the dog a more acceptable member of the community and thus create a better impression with the general public.


DOGS AND HANDLERS REGARDLESS OF BREED or registration must have trained with Caboolture Sports Dog Obedience Club for at least 3 months and graduated from Class 3.

Handler must be nominated at a monthly general meeting prior to doing their test. This is to prevent non-eligible people qualifying for a PROMEC.


Test to consist of:
  • Heel on Lead
  • Stand for Examination on lead
  • Recall
  • 1 minute Sit Stay
  • 2 minute Drop Stay

  • The above exercises are to be performed in one continuous sequence.

Exercises to be done through test:
  • Right About turn
  • Right turns
  • Left turns
  • Left pivot turns
  • Left U turns
  • Automatic sits
  • Downs
  • Stands
  • Figure 8 off Lead
  • Stays
  • Pace - normal, slow & fast

The above test must be viewed by a judge nominated by OIC.

The certificate is to be presented to the handler by the OIC Trainer or Club President before commencement of training.

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