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Obedience Trials are recognised tests in obedience work. A qualified judge tests the ability of dog and handler to work as a team in executing certain set exercises and procedures, then awards points accordingly.

To obtain a qualifying score in the beginning a dog must receive 85 points or more out of a possible 100 (Community Companion Dog). In addition, at least 50% of the maximum for each exercise must be scored. Then you have Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent, Utility Dog and Utility Dog Excellent. From Community Companion Dog the levels progressively become more advanced.

Both dog and handler must be registered with Dogs Qld T/as Canine Control Council (Qld) to compete.

Jumping and Agility Trials are timed tests over an obstacle course. The obstacles include various high jumps, broad jumps, weaving pegs, tunnels, A-frame, dog walk and seesaw.

The aim is for the handler and dog to complete the course in the required time frame with the least number of faults.

There are several Classes from Novice through to Masters with the number and types of obstacles and difficulty of the course varying depending on the Class.

Upcoming Trials

Upcoming Trials

The Caboolture Sports Dog Obedience Club currently conducts 4 Obedience and Rally Trials, 4 Agility and 4 Jumpers Trials, 1 Track and Search Trial, 1 Tracking Trial and 1 Endurance Trial per year.

Endurance Test

September 29